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JR is a private company since 1987. It does have the image of a public railway, but it’s not actually one.

Come to think of it, I rode the Hanwa-Line almost every day when I lived in Japan. I wonder where their branch office is at.

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    If they use characters from the entire Dengeki/ASCII Media Works portfolio there could still be plenty to come.

  • Maori Thrown Out of Onsen for Tattoo:
    No, it hasn’t. There are still tattoos that have a certain connotation and might still give you problems even in the west. Among them, gang tattoos or tattoos criminals get in prison. It’s still perfectly possible that a company will not hire you because you have a tattoo in a visible location. Of course that’s not OK from a legal perspective, but it’s not like you will directly be told the reason. The rule of thumb normally is: What’s beyond the area a t-shirt will cover is not acceptable. …

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    Well you wouldn’t get it, and that’s fine. She might be a traditional person and has no qualms about it whatsoever. However, it’s not your place to judge her decision of getting it.

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    that’s his style, his girls pretty much all look like that

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    wakamoto does a lot of non-anime tv stuff. announcing videos and voice overs in game show and talk shows, etc. less seiyuu, more announcer/narrator kind of work. most people in japan probably know him for that work, and maybe some of the older mainstream anime he did (cell in dragon ball z for example).


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