Comment on “Chikan” Branch Manager Commits Suicide: “I Didn’t Do It!” by Kan Ika:

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Another reason not to ride public transit. Haha…

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  • Japan “Needs 3D Printer Ban”:
    This guy should’ve been born American.

  • Japan “Needs 3D Printer Ban”:
    That isn’t untrue. Wal-mart sells ammo, and so do most sporting-goods stores. In most states, you simply show a driver’s license to prove you’re old enough to buy it, pay the cashier, and walk out. That’s if you want to go to a brick-and-mortar store. Many buy ammo online these days and simply have it shipped to their house via UPS Ground.

  • Japan “Needs 3D Printer Ban”:
    Most people who are aware of the issue here think that 3D printers will be more effective in making magazines and accessories, not firearms or receivers themselves.

  • Bashful Houki Mizugi Figure:
    Something’s wrong with that face.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    Yes, but unfortunately, a disproportionate number of Japanese men don’t have the balls to quit such a shitty work situation and find something better. It’s the “Since everyone else is working 16+ hours days, I have to as well, or else I’ll be that nail that sticks up!” bullshit.


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