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You could buy it to have something to stand near an Asuma figma, because you know there will be one.

And besides, some people prefer to collect figurines of main characters instead of just figurines of female ones (not that I can say much about that, since most of my figmas are female ones, though they are nendroids because they’re cuter).

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  • Sword Art Online Kirito Figma:
    I wouldn’t be so sure 16:55, SAO has a fair bit of romance and stuff so obviously it is going to have some girl fans.

  • Sword Art Online Kirito Figma:
    Would be great for a cosplay reference o.o. I do love the coat. And for the folks complaining that it’s not a female figure, can you say forever alone? lmao

  • Sword Art Online Kirito Figma:
    SAO is aimed at males ,so I would guess the figures are too. That dosent mean girls can’t buy them though, but they dont seem to be the intended demographic.

  • Sword Art Online Kirito Figma:
    So does that mean loli figures are not figures either?

  • Sword Art Online Kirito Figma:
    Last time I checked on this figure was ranked at #14 so its doing well. It was doing well on another site I checked, so it would seem alot of people are buying it. There is also a Nendoroid of Kirito and that is also doing well.

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