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Did they made this for the fujoshi audience ?

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  • Majime na Kanojo “The Most Twisted King’s Game”:
    With that logic, we should introduce necrophiliac hentai because it’s an ‘underrepresented genre.’

  • Saekano 2 Nothing But Work:
    Tomoya is my most disliked anime MC ever. I legit have never saw such a cucked, whiny little bitch in my life. The only reason no one is stealing his harem is cause it’s not an NTR anime.

  • Jitaku Keibiin Caught on Camera:
    Watching this truly made me realize how important having background music to anime really is. This episode felt so monotone and boring because of a lack of music.

  • Kuzu no Honkai Ends “A Waste of Time”:
    “with some viewers left seeing the series as nothing more than a show based on cheating women.” I mean, that’s the entire point of the show: An anime about cucks, for cucks.

  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Gets Netflix Live Action:
    I did everyone a favor and clicked on the obvious BS cum clickbait so here’s what’s in the link: 1) They ask you a bunch of stupid questions like “are you 18 or older?” etc 2) They direct you to a new link called “myfuckbook1 dot com” which is obviously a porn based malware/scam. Someone paid real money to spam this message. Someone isn’t a very good businessman.


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