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They are trying to cater to the people who whined about why the first two aren’t Open world games. And guess what, people STILL aren’t fucking satisfied.

What’s even more lol worthy is that 90% of all Main FF games are completely linear to a point where you can do sidequests GASP just like XIII.

XIII featured just as much player customzation in how you chose to play the game. Most people probably tried to just auto battle it ……

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    Some people might agree with this list. But, apparently, my tastes are different from the author’s. My own list wouldn’t have included any of these girls.

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    But… 1-Onodera can’t cook to save her live… 2-Ui is a siscon, she’ll never marry you. 3-Unless you’re some kind of hero, you have no chance. 4-She’s just weird. 5-Have fun getting insulted every minutes. 6-She’s a stalker. 7-She’s too serious. 8-You better keep her interested in you otherwise she will be curious about some other guy. 9-Nagisa will just die on you. Miracles don’t happen in real life. 10-The only one I don’t know, but lets face it, she’s never go out with any of you creeps.

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    Where’s Ebina chan?

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    My 3 waifus for the ultimate harem 1. Ikaros (grants wishes, puts you first ALL THE TIME, the ultimate ideal) 2. Rias Gremory (has harem extra on the side and is a devil. rawr) 3. Nero Red Saber (She’ll BUILD you a harem if you want and give you the ultimate foursome+ yeah, bad list is bad

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    Their logic = “He thought up of Skull Face so he must be as bad as Skull Face.” Yes, because despicable villains are supposed to be politically correct.


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