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  • Total Eclipse Ends:
    Sell me as a bear in some perverted anime and my life will be perfect xd

  • Total Eclipse Ends:
    What I said is the lowest point of the series were those episodes, but there were only 3 like that, the rest of the series was quite decent, specially the mecha design and battles, the story and setting overall was intersting, way better tham most of the shit we see daily being release. So you did not see him doing first aid on her while the Swendish lady was guarding? You talk like these animes never had one of those nonsense minute.

  • Total Eclipse Ends:
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … no, seriously? The entire two episodes of going to the beach so he can carry the girls around while they’re wearing their mizugi? The Swedish lady holding guard over them so they can finish their intimate conversation rather than get back into their damn mechs? Basically anything after the first two-three episodes?

  • Total Eclipse Ends:
    it’s Japan, what did you expect?

  • Total Eclipse Ends:
    that makes no sense, it failed because it tried to be better than a mindless boob exposure anime?

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    @20:53 Hey baka the “massive” part is referring to the amount of people playing in the same world at the same time. 10 people at a time = a multiplayer online game of course but that’s obviously not enough people to call it a massively multiplayer online game. By your logic Call of Duty is an MMO lol.

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    Ken seems to be enjoying the electrifying massage especially that last moment. XD

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    Not massive, “Massively Multiplayer”. In contrast to normal multiplayer which has a fixed number of players, usually something like 2/4/6/8/16. Massively Multiplayer refers to the lack on any direct limit on the number of players, often hundreds or thousands involved in a single event. League of Legends is most definitely NOT an MMO, since it has a small, fixed team size (5v5)


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