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*sigh* Inia really was love at first sight. She’s so freaking adorable! But when i was about to take a look at the anime my friend warned me that it’s basically about girls getting gored to death. The one genre i avoid like the plague. (Except if it’s written by 7th Expansion.)

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  • Shonen Jump “Deliberately Excluding Fujoshi”:
    Why should fujoshi not read shounen manga? I’m a guy in my twenties and I like to spice up my anime queue of mostly seinen stuff with kodomo and shoujo anime. There is the full range, from Precure to Full Moon wo Sagashite, Fushigi Yuugi (that freaking epic ending song!) and even Gravitation (wich turned me into a better person, because I used to avoid gay people as if they’re contagious.) I didn’t count Boku no Pico, because everybody watched that. Depending on my mood I might want to watch …

  • Symphogear G Shocks Fans:
    Well, that anime made perfectly clear what main characters are worth in the first episode of the first season. It’s one of these series where they try to get free PR by shocking fans shitless. Mutilating or killing a cute girl always get’s the job done, so nothing is really surprising about this. I immediately drop a series when I notice they are going in this direction. BTW, are guro fans more the sadistic type who enjoy to see girls getting mutilated, or are they rather the masochistic type, …

  • Lady Gaga “As Unrecognisable As AKB48 Without Makeup!”:
    Cracked just had an article about celebrity pics like this and listed her too. “OMG! She just looks like a normal person without makeup!” – Not really a shocking revelation.

  • Square Enix Announces New Star Ocean: “You Guessed It!”:
    I read this much: “Square Enix announces…”, and my brain auto-completed: “…new casual card game”, before I had a chance to read the title. This fast reaction indicates that it was a reflex. My brain associates SE with bullshit, on a subconscious layer. If they continue like that it will be merged with my DNA and future offspring will be wary of SE instinctively.

  • High School DxD NEW: “Back With More Nipples Than Ever”:
    Whoah! Rias looks so gorgeous again! Her boobs are nice too, but more importantly I could spend all day obsessing over that hair and those eyes. Combine all that with her personality and you get a character I can genuinely care about. Something I can’t find in oppai anime very often.


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