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  • Top 10 Anime of Spring 2015 So Far:
    Me neither. Cynicalism aside, he treats his friends and relationships like crap. Loner for life.

  • Heavily Damaged Yukikaze Figure:
    Read it from left to right. Then you will understand. “zekamashi”

  • Moe Tohsaka Rin Figma:
    I would buy more figmas if the quality weren’t so bad. Also they’re starting to cost more than some comparable products like prize figures and nedos.

  • Top 30 Spring 2015 Anime You’ll Keep Watching:
    I honestly dont understand why oregairu is #1, the episodes are so pessimistic, its hard to watch without feeling to urge to punch hikki or the monitor. i did watch s1 and the first couple eps of s2. Needless to say, dropped. Im finding arslan, soma, seraph, and yamada, ultimately holding up my interests this season. Good balance of slice of life and fantasy/scifi

  • The Color of Natural Love Unnaturally Saucy:
    Yeah, i was about to say. This title was released a year ago. Alittle slow or mix up happened.


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