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They all been so bad that’s all they get.

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  • 2D Dating, China Style:
    It has a surreal kinda feeling to it.

  • PS4 Japan Sales = 320,000 “As Bad As The Vita!”:
    The hardware is mediocre except for the amount and speed of memory and they pushed to hard on useless social features so no one is impressed. I think the PS4 will still be mildly successful because everyone else screwed up worse but it likely will be much shorter lived then the PS1 PS2 and PS3.

  • PS4 Japan Sales = 320,000 “As Bad As The Vita!”:
    @ Anon 03:45 I touched on the X86 thing they could have at least choose a good X86 architecture vs something so low end. Even an old Core 2 quad or quad core FX would beat it across the board when paired with a good graphics card. Heck some very fast clocked i3s duals probably are just as fast. From a hardware stand point they’re not even trying.

  • PS4 Japan Sales = 320,000 “As Bad As The Vita!”:
    Editing is broke The system should in theory be easy to crack then the PS3. But even PS2 emulation may be a difficult on the PS4 due to the use of 8 shit tier X86 cores vs four fast ones. The emulator would have to be fairly multithreaded like anything else on the console must be. There is Gaikai streaming but it’s at best a half assed solution that would demand a fast connection and nearby servers to be useable plus the ridiculousness of paying for old games.

  • PS4 Japan Sales = 320,000 “As Bad As The Vita!”:
    Most consoles don’t need an internet connection to play single player games even Steam’s off line mode is kinda crappy so you end up having to crack your steam games if you want to play them off line. BTW I covered to lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4. The fact they used 8 shit tier X86


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