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They do it because of the puritan whiners over here. The less they make it english accessible/friendly the less whiners will know about it.

See what happened to RapeLay and Tento Beano? And this has tentacle grape and nudity and sexuality.

Good stuff but great if it comes here uncensored. But it’ll have to be by a company that is to sell a product not the “morally correct” soccer-moms and feminist sympathizers (because they tell everyone what they should and shouldn’t watch with their own monah)

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  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Sexily Scrubs:
    If you like ecchi shit…

  • Youjo Senki Boasts Endless Conflict:
    Who does, really?

  • Youjo Senki Boasts Endless Conflict:
    Where’s the paradox? The best way to be safe is to be back in the rear. If you have to be on the front lines, though, the best way to be safe is to utterly obliterate the enemy, thus turning the ‘front line’ into ‘conquered territory’. As the very first episode showed, cowering in a bunker just means you’re a sitting duck for Death.

  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Sexily Scrubs:
    GJM is taking their sweet time on it…

  • MangaGamer Dates Kuroinu:
    Now and never as it would be “child porn” in the eyes of the dumb folk that crusades against 2d instead of the actual thing. Don’t they have to export and change the language to fit the audiences? To be honest, I think the game should be restricted to pre-order purchase so they’d only make a set amount without any restrictions in their content given the nature of their game.


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