Comment on To Love-Ru Darkness: “Now We’re Back To This…” by Mauricio Ballén:

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And here we are, seeing this again. I mean, this ALWAYS happens. Why can get people get used to it?

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  • Rozen Maiden “Cute But Rushed”:
    If it wasnt rushed, then the title would be something like “New Rozen maiden is jus a recap” We all know it works that way.

  • Vocaloid China Project “Even Cuter Than Miku!”:
    Still uglier than Megurine Luca.

  • Top 25 Greatest Anime of 2012:
    Support the list = Downvote Hate the list = Downvote Suggest an anime for the list, based only in personal tastes = Downvote. Only here, in SanCom.

  • Fairy Tail Ends: “Along With Aya Hirano’s Seiyuu Career”:
    And, at the end of the day, not a single video of her horrible actions was found. I demand proofs.

  • Top 20 Second Seasons You’re Wishing For:
    If you take out the sex jokes out of SYD… it becomes a boring school series. And there are many other out there. I found it pretty refreshing, having an anime wich is perverted without being a stupid brainless fanservice series with a ero scene every second between a brainless character and a random female character was, if not funny, at least original. You know you’re watching something different when you can call an anime “perverted”, and it doesnt show a panty in 13 episodes.


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