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Now you’re just forgetting the basic fundamentals of a VRMMO.

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    Kinda late realizing that huh? and you skipped many “obscure” ones before WUG. lol

  • Taito Shoots For Stardom with Idol Chronicle:
    This is not an anime… >_>

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    @Anon 4:36 Having shops displaying love live merch is not a good measurement, it just means that Love Live is trending. Try telling that to me in another 5 years. Maybe things will change, but as anon 3.31 said Im@s characters are more recognizable than other Idol franchises, that’s more than enough to show who’s more popular. Facts only from the list -There are 5 Im@s characters. There are 3 LL characters. -4 of the Im@s Characters are in the top ten -Total Votes for Im@s characters 1511 …

  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    You forgot that Idolmaster is a BIG franchise spanning for more than 9 Years. And Love Live more popular? LOL Does it have a movie? No Does it have a game on major console? No Love Live has been going on for only 4 Years, their popularity right now can’t compare to Im@s’s 9 years. Don’t get me wrong though, I love LL too, but saying that it’s more popular than Im@s is simply ignorant.

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    That pun was unintended…. lol


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