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They’re all part of the same franchise. AKB48 is from Tokyo (Akihabara), SKE48 is from Nagoya (Sakae), NMB48 is from Osaka (Namba). AKB is the original which is why it’s the most popular, the others are spin-offs.

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  • Public Penis Riding “The Shame of Japan”:
    Absolutely 100% agree Anon, that’s the downfall of Japan in the modern world- nobody has the fucking balls to stand up and push the country forward, because anyone who tries to do that is seen as being disrespect to the system, their superiors, etc. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered in”

  • Japan Whaling Ban “An Attack on Japanese Culture!”:
    I think the Japanese are doing a good enough job destroying their own culture by lining up around the block for Starbucks or McDonalds every day LOL. Funny how they love to pick and choose parts of Western culture to claim for themselves while pretending that their own is sacred and precious.

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    I tried the PS4 beta, what a fucking joke. The game plays like an MMO from ten years ago and looks like it too. They obviously haven’t benchmarked it against any modern MMO, I played The Old Republic for a while and despite being older it fucking shits all over FFXIV. Go home Squeenix you’re drunk if you think anyone wants this mouldy junk.

  • Japan “Caused Drop In Global Music Sales”:
    Worst thing is, we “have” to buy the CDs in order to get the handshake tickets. We don’t WANT all these fucking CDs, most people drop them in the garbage, I have a box of the fucking things in my room, but international shipping is so expensive it’s not feasible to 2nd-hand sell them to foreign fans who might want them. I tried giving them to my Japanese friends but they don’t even OWN CD players -_-

  • DMM Unveils “Overseas Access To 220,000 JAVs”:
    DMM also does “legit” (non-porn) video streaming services too, but they’re most famous for their porn side.


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