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They’re all part of the same franchise. AKB48 is from Tokyo (Akihabara), SKE48 is from Nagoya (Sakae), NMB48 is from Osaka (Namba). AKB is the original which is why it’s the most popular, the others are spin-offs.

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  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    Aside from the consent laws (as mentioned above, 18 years old in most pefectures), the labour laws also state a minor is under 18. As an 18 year old, she is legally working as an adult under Japanese law. Yet again sankaku talking out of its arse to stir the shit.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    I know a guy who doesn’t actually get paid overtime until after working 50 hours of overtime a month. Japan’s business practices are fucking disgraceful and they’re lucky that Japanese people are so willing to suck it up and bend over to receive it.

  • Lady Gaga: “Hatsune Miku Will Open For Me”:
    I imagine the glow from the glowsticks will be replaced by the glow of a thousand mobile phones taking shitty videos instead. FFS put your fucking phones away and enjoy the concert.

  • Public Penis Riding “The Shame of Japan”:
    Absolutely 100% agree Anon, that’s the downfall of Japan in the modern world- nobody has the fucking balls to stand up and push the country forward, because anyone who tries to do that is seen as being disrespect to the system, their superiors, etc. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered in”

  • Japan Whaling Ban “An Attack on Japanese Culture!”:
    I think the Japanese are doing a good enough job destroying their own culture by lining up around the block for Starbucks or McDonalds every day LOL. Funny how they love to pick and choose parts of Western culture to claim for themselves while pretending that their own is sacred and precious.


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