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Shitty songs and shitty list. I mean come on. THere is no real talent in the song or singing. AKB48′s only selling point is their stage presence, which I’ll admit. They work damn hard for a 3000 cd. They are more like a jack of all trades but master of none. Except their workload is 100 times greater. The sheer amount of work and the many types of jobs they deal with is amazing, aside from how well they deal with the schedule, that’s about as far as it goes.

Though I do notice though that when some members of AKB48 graduate and go solo and break away from the whole idol setup but concentrate more on the singing aspect, the song quality SOMETIMES improves. Sadly, most AKB48 graduate and disappear.

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    Things like this outrage me. To think that events like these exist but police and law makers do nothing against these but attack anime and manga. This is outrageous to me. Why must anime and manga be attacked and let these events which are almost exactly like criminal rings to go unattended for? There is no justice.

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