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Nah, no one listens to their music anyway.
They could release the same song over and over, or simply sell blank CDs, as long as the actual merchandise, the handshake ticket, is included people will buy.

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  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    I know and love every single one of those songs. This is one of the few “lists” I’ve seen posted here that I actually agree with.

  • Train Cop Stroker Busted:
    Girl knows how to fight back. Molesters you have been warned.

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    except that isnt what this is about. the only man power that was lost were zoo employees, not rescue workers. the reason this dude got arrested is because japan has a stick up its ass and wanted to save face. no one bothered to fact check and find out that the guy just posted screenshots from a movie. if someone tweeted footage of the white house blowing up from independence day and claimed terrorists attacked, i can tell you this much for sure. america wouldnt lose their shit the way japanese …

  • Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”:
    Fuck Nutaku and their censorship.

  • Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”:
    Agreed. I can’t in good conscience support Nutaku until they quit censoring shit. Even if they don’t censor anything on this new platform there’s no way they will put anything on there the least bit controversial.


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