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ill never understand the logic behind japanese censorship, wtf

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  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Or explodes… but either way that’d be a first for Nintendo. Besides hinge problems theyve always had the best quality portable hardware.

  • Keijo Abreast With Moist Service:
    You know you can’t do anything about it, bitch … so do me at least one favour and be a valuable whore, apart from being worthless.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Rather play a new Mario than any of the crap on ipad, tbh.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    iPad games dont require button input, which is the main reason why mobage are so hated by gamers to begin with. That alone puts this in a more relevant category than ipad already.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Yeah, that’s all nice but I only care about 4 points: 1. What’s the battery gonna be like? 2. Bayonetta 3 when? 3. Dont tell me I have to buy all my VC games for a 4th time. 4. Region Lock? But Zelda is enough reason to buy it anyways.


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