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Mikan is censored/removed for her most explicit scenes and Yami doesn’t really look like a loli.

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  • Netflix Live Action Death Note “Blasphemy”:
    It is not “whitewashing”(PC for “I hate white people”) since it is a new story set in Seattle, not Tokyo. And yes, Shakespeare is a perfect example of why it is ok. Shakespeare is quite often re-imagined into new more modern and more pertinent locations for the audience that the producers want to reach. Redoing Deathnote in America reaches an American audience who would be totally clueless about the social norms of the characters if they had set it in Tokyo. It’s is being made for a much wider …

  • Netflix Live Action Death Note “Blasphemy”:
    People keep harping on about whitewashing. Who gives a fuck about the fact that it’s set in America with a bunch of white people. The idiocy of this is the fact that it’s a 2 hour movie that is unlikely to replicated the cat and mouse game paced over 40 episodes. It’s not like it would’ve even cost a lot of money to make a tv series, it’s a low budget affair. There is literally 0 reason to condense this into a 2 hour movie.

  • Gabriel Dropout BD Plagued by Light & Darkness:
    Bad joke about One Piece with Light and Dark attribute.

  • Gabriel Dropout BD Plagued by Light & Darkness:
    Vigne shines brightest yet being a devil. Best grill.

  • Scantily Clad Rem Wedding Figure:
    and yet she makes me so happy.


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