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The SAILOR MOON reboot isn’t coming out until July from what I understand.

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  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    As long as Yuki Nagato is still Minori Chihara, the most irreplaceable voice actress in HARUHI SUZUMIYA, I’ll be satisfied.

  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    I just watched the final (until July) episode of SPACE DANDY and was pleased to hear Aya Hirano as “Coffee-Maker”, so I suppose she’s not completely out of the seiyuu game quite yet, although I suppose she probably recorded that a few months ago.

  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    So I guess “former seiyuu” more or less confirms that someone else will be voicing Haruhi Suzumiya in the upcoming anime adaptation of the manga spin-off series THE DISAPPEARANCE OF YUKI NAGATO? Eh, whatever. A little disappointing, but I can live with “wrong-sounding Haruhi”.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Speaking of the Master System, though, if I were in charge of writing this anime, I’d make the Master System girl Japanese-Brazilian, in honour of the country where they were still pumping out new Master System games until at least the late 1990s. The Nintendo Entertainment System might have reigned supreme in the 8-bit wars in the United States, but the Sega Master System was predominant in parts of Europe and especially Brazil.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    I don’t think they have every profile done yet, or at least SANKAKU hasn’t posted every profile. From the main picture, I suspect the Master System is represented by the girl above the star on the left (wearing black with red accents), or perhaps he girl above the 32X girl. I wonder if they’ll have girls for both the Master System and the Mark III (the Japanese version, same hardware but different appearance)?


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