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The SAILOR MOON reboot isn’t coming out until July from what I understand.

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  • Top 20 Anime Guys That Should Star:
    If he counts as a “guy”, I’d think I’d like BAKA AND TEST: SUMMON THE BEASTS better if Hideyoshi Kinoshita was the main character.

  • Top 20 Anime Girls That Should Star:
    First female anime supporting character that comes to mind is Touma Minami from MINAMI-KE, as played by the rather popular seiyuu and singer Nana Mizuki. I could easily see the Minami brothers and tomboyish kid sister being the main focus of their own spin-off, which would, of course, have sporadic appearances by the three sisters of the other Minami family. Although, really, I just want another season of MINAMI-KE, I don’t care which Minami family is in the driver’s seat this time.

  • Top 20 Most Influential Sports Anime:
    I still wish Taishou Baseball Girls had gotten a second season: it was a perfect anime combination of cute girls’ slice-of-life and high school and sports and period piece (1920s).

  • Chibi Suika Mio Figure:
    I feel like buying all three of them, getting a Slip n’ Slide outdoor water slide, and making them play live-action anime Toobin’ (based on the classic arcade/NES game).

  • Littlewitch Romanesque English Released:
    I really like those character designs. They remind me of the designs of late 1970s/early 1980s WORLD MASTERPIECE THEATRE, but updated to the digital era with modern moe sensibilities. I wouldn’t be brave enough to even attempt to import that game, though. Maybe I’ll play the “clean” version off Steam sometime.


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