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That’s not official art from the new season of MINAMI-KE, is it?

Chiaki Minami should never be blonde.

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  • Top 20 Karaoke Songs of 2016, According to DAM:
    I’m not just astonished that a song from D.N.A.^2 made the list, I’m also astonished that it’s not “Blurry Eyes” from L’Arc En Ciel. I know EVANGELION’s really only a year younger than the D.N.A.^2 TV anime but I didn’t think D.N.A.^2 got anywhere near the level of mainstream awareness and nostalgia as EVA does in Japan. Or maybe it’s just that the song “Single Bed” was popular independently of D.N.A.^2 and most Japanese karaoke crooners aren’t even aware that that song was used in an anime …

  • XXXtreme Ghostbusters “Shows Why to be Afraid of Ghosts”:
    I didn’t even know I was making a reference to a China-related meme, or are western productions getting banned in China for obtuse reasons now a meme in and of themselves? I guess it happens often enough, with DEADPOOL and GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL being two prominent examples from this year alone.

  • XXXtreme Ghostbusters “Shows Why to be Afraid of Ghosts”:
    I clicked on the link on my Twitter feed because, considering it’s Sankaku Complex, I thought I would be seeing screenshots from a live-action JAV Ghostbusters 2016 parody. This is… not what I expected. Although I will give it points for replicating the overall 1990s syndicated TV animation look pretty much perfectly. Will this animation also be banned in China for depiction of ghosts like GHOSTBUSTERS 2016?

  • Top 10 Twintailed Anime Girls:
    I almost listed “RuriRuri” myself but I kinda wanted to limit myself to anime I’ve seen within the past 15 years. I don’t think I’ve watched any NADESICO except for the movie since the turn of the century.

  • Top 10 Twintailed Anime Girls:
    Poor Renge Miyauchi from NON NON BIYORI is sad that she got ignored. As sad as she was when Honoka went back to Tokyo. As sad as she was when “Flatty-san” died. I’m also fan of Kana Minami from MINAMI-KE, Sasami/Pretty Sammy from the TENCHI MUYO multiverse, Miu Matsuoka from ICHIGO MASHIMARO (obviously), and, more recently, Chinatsu Kuramoto from FLYING WITCH and Machi Amayadori from KUMAMIKO: GIRL MEETS BEAR if over-the-shoulder twintails count (although some official KUMAMIKO anime magazine …


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