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I hope you also love being downvoted by Yozora fanbois who are as obnoxious as the character herself.

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  • Majimoji Rurumo Magical Beach Anime:
    Thanks to the useless shit male MCs.

  • Majimoji Rurumo Magical Beach Anime:
    whats up yoda. You mean this show is shit?

  • Otaku Still Revere Ritsu’s Birthday:
    The thing I find remarkable is that the first season of K-on! first aired over half a decade ago. For what was regarded by many as a generic moe-blob anime, it’s had a lot of sticking power.

  • Majimoji Rurumo Magical Beach Anime:
    A cat is fine too.

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    That makes sense I guess – still, I thought it was more interesting than K-On, which basically printed money (and still does). Anyway the point was that KyoAni have made a LOT of money from Free so saying that it was a mistake or bad for them is pretty self-centered. If Free! actually was a giant flop I could understand being mad but seriously, them getting more money to make more shows can only be a good thing. Even if Free! gets more seasons, they’re only going to air them during the summer …


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