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Don’t really want to see a second season of this, even though I think it was pretty damn good. This isn’t like K-on or lucky star and stuff like that where its basically episode to episode moeness antics with no overarching plot. The theme/lessonish thing of accepting/always having a childish side/going after/believing in your dreams and stuff has been told and completed/come full circle and i think a second season would be hard pressed to find another themeish thing like that, and i fear it would just be turned into something like k-on.

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  • Frame Arms Girl Adorably Innocent:
    Rem and Ram are cruel big spenders, poor Ao…

  • Zero Mahou no Sho “Cutest Witch of 2017”:
    They wouldn’t do that, would they? Make an anime in the same setting with a white-haired witch and NOT have it tie in with the lore presented in Re:Zero. That sounds heretical. Explain yourself.

  • Tsugumomo Rife With Conflict:
    I’d even argue that he, at the very least, penetrated Chisato during the whole galge amasogi thing. The man does get jerked to completion several times before the super series stuff happens; I can’t even call it a harem manga, because he gets to cum and admits that, if it weren’t for him not wanting to ruin his friendships, he’d be plowing that pussy like a field in the middle of summer.

  • Sailor Moon Cosplay Figure Skating = 10-10-10:
    S.K.A.T.E.R.: Shadow of Weebnobyl

  • Sailor Moon Cosplay Figure Skating = 10-10-10:
    Dude, nobody wants the Norks, not even their Southern brethren. As for the Kuril Islands, if the Japanese come up with a good deal, the top dog(s) in Moscow might consider it.


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