Comment on Cops Charge 2ch Founder Hiroyuki with Drug Dealing by Anonymous:

“Hiroyuki has however in recent years taken to using claims of copyright infringement to close down 2ch-based sites he disapproves of, and appears to enjoy plenty of legal counsel.”

Does he also trying to take down 4chan too ?

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  • Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome:
    Roaches need no dingdongs. They just rub their arses together and call it a day.

  • Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome:
    >all dem downvotes what’s wrong, white guilt got you down?

  • Terra Formars OVA Quite Gruesome:
    return to the sea, landwhale

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    I don’t like yaoi but variety is nice. Do you really want more k-on clones?

  • Free! Eternally Youthful:
    This is really important, I think. All the female reactions to this episode so far that I’ve seen are along the lines of ‘Makoto would make a great dad’ or ‘I would love a husband like Makoto who is so good with kids’. (well, that and the excitement over that new pink-haired guy, but he’s irrelevant to the current discussion). The only ‘pedo’/'shota’ comments I have seen so far have all been from men. Its like the first thing you think of when you see children or something. Basically, it’s all …


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