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Further investigation will reveal that the 10cm thick glass was in reality 8cm thick compressed plastic food wrap sandwiched between two 1cm thick layers of common glass.

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  • Top 10 Characters You’d Hate to Have As Your Father:
    1. Does the fact that Goku is #4 & Vegeta is #5 mean people think Vegeta is a more preferable father than Goku? 2. Don’t see Hayate’s father from Hayate No Gotoku…

  • Top 20 Anime You’d Recommend to Your Parents:
    Oh yeah, my mom also loves Avatar: The air-bender, but hates The Legend of Korra.

  • Top 20 Anime You’d Recommend to Your Parents:
    My father never went farther than the 6th grade & spent his Sunday mornings watching Sesame Street when he was alive. My mother currently likes to watch Little Women, Swiss Family Robinson and several other “kiddie” animations (or cartoons if you like) that she watches on Qubo & other over-the-air television stations playing in Philadelphia. Some parents are more open-minded than you might expect.

  • Top 20 Anime You’d Recommend to Your Parents:
    Maybe if dad is one of “those” Mormon types: The ones you hear about on the news because they kept their daughter, grand-daughter, & great-grand-daughter locked up & pregnant in the basement as their “wives”.

  • Top 20 Anime You’d Recommend to Your Parents:
    The only anime my mom definitely likes is Ranma 1/2. However, she did seem to enjoy Azumanga Diaoh & Vandread. But she thought Project A-ko, Urusei Yatsura, Slayers, & Excel Saga were all too crazy for her tastes.


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