Comment on China Menaced By Exploding Shark Tank by Anonymous:

“Shoppers in a Chinese department store…”

Anyone catch the woman holding the baby wearing ass-less pants at 0:02 – 0:04?

The last few stories were of the less than hygienic hygiene practices of the Chinese… relieving themselves on the Great Wall, subways and buses.

Does that mean this lady lets her baby let loose where ever, when ever it wants?

Is this a common practice in China?
Do Chinese department stores have plexi-glass wizz-guards on the merchandise? Sawdust or cat litter on the floors?

Or is it like shopping in a dog park, a giant Slip-n-Slide?

Are the Chinese just ignorant, self-centered, uncivilized, uncouth savages?
I’m getting really grossed out, and I don’t want to even eat in a Chinese restaurant anymore.

Do you need hand sanitizer just to remove your shoes at home?

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