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hahaha i love you guise

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  • Cops Charge Woman For Killing Her Rapist:
    theres been a lot of false cases of woman framing a man for rape or sexual harassment even when the man did not do anything, so since no one saw the man rape her the cops can only assume is my guess for the reason they want to charge her. u never know she could be just a crazy bitch

  • China Elevator Beheads Woman:
    china still really doesnt seem to care how shit their quality of everything is, sadly i think more of this china grade accidents need to happen for them to realize how shit their country is overall and change it.

  • AKB48 “Connected To Yakuza”:
    japan’s image overseas is Caroline Charonplop KPP

  • “70% of Guys” Hate Nail Art:
    i like nail art, the really long ones i dont really like but it dont dislike it either

  • Behold “Tokyo’s 40 Cutest JKs”:
    all no good, except 4th row, 6th starting from the left is decent


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