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“steal every one elses technology and culture”
“and culture”

Are…you high? Or just ignorant? That’s the last thing you can accuse them of stealing really. Just saying.

Of course all these billion dollar corporations know what they’re doing. They’re not that stupid. They’re purposely using China’s plagerism as proxy bait in suing people within their own borders which equals more money. The lose nothing from fakes in another country but they sure make alot from throwing a lawsuit at your ass if you’re in their borders of law.

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    not as much as you love your mommy, apparently.

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    What do you mean by “I skip Vanilla”?

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    Exactly, GGO was actually pretty much as close to the LN as you can get! No filler, and barely anything was cut. Why on earth people didn’t like it is beyond me!?! Probably because it was kind of slow at times. But that’s to be expected considering it was a new main storyline. So they had to introduce us to the new MMO, etc.

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    @05:35 – LMAO! People act like they haven’t seen this coming! This is a side story that has been in the LN for ages now! It’s basically all about Kirito and his harem going on a quest for another sword that the newest girl in his harem is going to give him with the “standard SAO request” of “you can only think of me” when you use this sword! Which has been the same “general” way of confessing your love that all the sub girls in the harem have done. Well the “main ones” in the sub category. …

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