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“steal every one elses technology and culture”
“and culture”

Are…you high? Or just ignorant? That’s the last thing you can accuse them of stealing really. Just saying.

Of course all these billion dollar corporations know what they’re doing. They’re not that stupid. They’re purposely using China’s plagerism as proxy bait in suing people within their own borders which equals more money. The lose nothing from fakes in another country but they sure make alot from throwing a lawsuit at your ass if you’re in their borders of law.

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  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    Are you kidding me? A human being was stabbed because she returned a watch to someone she didn’t want anything to do with. Is she in the wrong for saying “Leave me alone?” or “Hello police? There is a man who is stalking me online and it makes me feel extremely unsafe, here’s the proof he is stalking me” and eventually she gets stabbed over 20 times. You seriously think that this woman was the one at fault? I don’t know what kind of crack you’re snorting pal, but just keep it in that little …

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    If you don’t understand that that is exactly what he said then you’re not allowed to live on this planet anymore. And it is absolutely the management’s fault.

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    Death is too good for that guy, a life sentence is what he deserves. Rot in prison until you die scum.

  • I Am Setsuna E3 Trailer Gets Ahead Of Itself:
    it’s babbies first day on the internet, move along people

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    Makes me wonder why some girls still dream of being an idol when the fact that the industry is corrupt and morally fucked is well known. Or are they recruited by “force” (blackmail, debts, etc)?


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