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so he has x-ray glasses?
best plot device ever.

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    @22:14 how about this, you put your shit up, and then just go on with your daily life.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Meaty Maid Anime:
    love for sena has grown intense!!

  • Akemi Homura Figure:
    and they always give you options, too. whether it be leek or rocket launcher, they never skimp on the options.

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    oh, shit, was that me? i dont remember downvoting anything, perhaps it was one of the other hundreds of people that registered. what kinda whiny bitch anon responds to his own downvoted post ANYWAYS. FUCK ill downvote you just cause i damn well feel like it.

  • Aya Hirano Unveils “Carnivorous” Dance Video:
    @19:37 how about you fucking stop me. oh, that’s right, because you don’t have a dick and balls like the rest of us. What? is this the first time anyone’s ever talked back to you before? it must make you incredibly angry to be talked down on by someone you inexplicably despise. Besides, most of the ones who would “shuts you up when you try to open your mouth” (as you said) are just as ignorant as you are. oh, though i guess you’re not THAT ignorant, since you bullied some poor asian kid into …


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