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The only thing really wrong with the American education system is our attitude towards it: Kids that come to school who would rather goof off than learn; parents that expect teachers to keep order, but who don’t want the teachers to touch their kid even if it’s their kid that’s causing a problem; teachers always asking for more money even in school districts that don’t get enough funding and sometimes can’t even provide proper learning materials for everyone — and lots of other junk I probably haven’t heard yet.
The Japanese as a whole doesn’t want to be better friends with the U.S. We’re currently useful, but we’re the foreign savages that emasculated their proud military and sovereign self-image and they would love to turn the tables and exact revenge.

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  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    When Marco Polo showed up at the Chinese Imperial Court, one of the courtiers described him in his memoirs as “a hairy ape.” As a general rule, whenever you show up in a culture different than your own, especially the first time, your appearance, speech, and mannerisms can, and often will, be held against you.

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    What he seemed to be doing was the political equivalent of being a radio shock jock: Putting up the image of boldly saying out loud stuff that’s not supposed to be said in defiance of the powers-that-be. For Japan, that means saying things like: “We should have nukes,” and “Our armies should have the right to wage war on other countries’ soil,” or “America should mind it’s own business,” and other such stuff. He’s just trying to look politically bad-ass.

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    They want the nukes to shoot at China, Korea, & Russia…at the very least.

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    1. Does the fact that Goku is #4 & Vegeta is #5 mean people think Vegeta is a more preferable father than Goku? 2. Don’t see Hayate’s father from Hayate No Gotoku…

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    Oh yeah, my mom also loves Avatar: The air-bender, but hates The Legend of Korra.

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    My father never went farther than the 6th grade & spent his Sunday mornings watching Sesame Street when he was alive. My mother currently likes to watch Little Women, Swiss Family Robinson and several other “kiddie” animations (or cartoons if you like) that she watches on Qubo & other over-the-air television stations playing in Philadelphia. Some parents are more open-minded than you might expect.

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    Maybe if dad is one of “those” Mormon types: The ones you hear about on the news because they kept their daughter, grand-daughter, & great-grand-daughter locked up & pregnant in the basement as their “wives”.

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    The only anime my mom definitely likes is Ranma 1/2. However, she did seem to enjoy Azumanga Diaoh & Vandread. But she thought Project A-ko, Urusei Yatsura, Slayers, & Excel Saga were all too crazy for her tastes.


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