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Wanting to be more? No, they want to be less…

If these right-wing nuts get their way, anime and manga will be banned, reporters from free press will be jailed or worse like during WWII, and Japan will be a smoking crater (or do you seriously think Russia and China will allow a WWII axis nation to acquire nukes?).

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  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    99% chance “Japan Times” is owned by kikes. Should have just told it like it is.

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    There are only 9 nations that owns nuke if you count North Korea. I don’t see them threaten the other hundred or so non-nuclear capable nations. Sound more like a case of insecurity/over compensation. In order to have any deterrent for HUGE nations, Japan would need a lot of missiles to blanket all the target cities in the double digits. Nukes also needs a lot of maintenance to keep working. These are not cheap toys. Japan is …

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    What a dupe. There’s a lot more wrong with our (American) education system than people goofing off rather than trying to learn. The real problem with our education system is that it is all federal government controlled propaganda. It’s nothing but an indoctrination / brain-washing center. Our school textbooks contain distortions of fact, and even out right lies. History is the one thing our school system distorts and lies to us about the most. Think I’m kidding? Take any major historical event, …

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    Anyone who wanted EITHER of those two, is a moron.

  • Hashimoto: “How Can America Ever Call Japan Right Wing?”:
    Maybe if you kept your radiation and trash from floating across the damn pacific we would be happier. We had to clean up your fucking mess and back your irresponsible selves when your politicians were too busy bickering and covering ass to keep a god damn nuclear plant from blowing up. If you want to be equals, start by paying us for the full amount of money for deployment of US troops that act as guarantors of your security against rabid neighbors who want to rape your women. Or stop …

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    > Maybe in 15 years japan will finally have uncensored pron. Just like every country in the world, Japan HAS uncensored porn. I mean, it’s not like internet wasn’t full of it, right? It’s also legal to produce uncensored porn. The thing is, whenever they do, they can’t distribute it legally in their own country. So they have access to as much uncensored porn as they like (mostly the filthy american kind), but hurt their own economy at the same time. Sounds like the best example of a lose …

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    because they totally never added milia fallyna and maximilian jenius from sdf macross to macross 7 …

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