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My personal favorite is Ayahi Takagaki. She’s got a wonderful voice with a real variety in it.
She is also a professional opera singer, you now.

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  • Top 20 Most Irritating Anime Heroines:
    Being realistic and being irritating are too completely unrelated things. She is realistic, yes, but she is still extremely irritating.

  • Aku no Hana Keeps Getting “Better”:
    How the hell do they transform rather attractive cast to these rotoscoped monsters? Why wouldn’t they just make it a live dorama?

  • Colin Powell to Japan: “Manga Is Turning You Into Herbivores”:
    Without being sarcastic, I think he is right. We have a lot of incredibly shy (or incredibly persuasive) girls in manga and we all know that 3D girls are not like that at all. The real experience might shock a young manga-reader. Of course, manga is not the root of all evil here… “Overwork yourself” tradition is more so. Japan should do something about that first and then manga and games won’t be a problem.

  • Moe Dictators Mook “Shames Japan”:
    Well, this is kind of non-making-sense stuff from Japan everyone is fond of. Is it available for purchase? For dirty foreigners, I mean.

  • Behold “Tokyo’s 40 Cutest JKs”:
    I guess the one named “Nenepyo” could be a real-life Taneshima Popura. But still, using too much smiles, guess she is faking it…


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