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Good god, Usami’s legs. *dies*

Goodbye wallet, RIP 2013. It was nice knowing you.

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  • KyoAni Really Announces That Anime: “Free!”:
    Somehow the title “Free!” reminds me of “Fault!” <_< Ah-ha.. it's a shounen-ai, yaoi anime, using swimming instead of tennis, and it's an all male harem instead of all females and one guy! XD But, it can't be as bad as the all-male basketball and baseball anime shows I've seen before. I may actually watch this.

  • Chinese Bridges Menaced by “Magnitude 0” Quakes:
    It’s disappointing to think that a country that once built the Great Wall of China that’s lasted thousands of years cannot build a bridge that lasts longer than a few months. The country has gone downhill in a sense in terms of construction quality and reliability.

  • Chinese Samaritan “Left To Drown” After Rescuing Boy:
    As a Filipino-American, I honestly will have to say that’s likely. I may have been born and grown up in the US, but after 31 years, you can notice a lot of the general attitudes of Filipinos in general. We are all smiles and chatting in front of other Filipinos, but we are also very competitive, many are stubborn, others only looking out for themselves. Then, when you look at the life many Filipinos have in the Philippines, one can see why many are like that. Your family comes first before …

  • ASIMO vs PETMAN: “Japanese Robots Are A Joke!”:
    Notice how… … American robots are almost always military-related. Or, the robots are to assist soldiers in some way whether to augment their strength, movement, or assist in transport or deal with dangerous items like IEDs. … Japanese robots are almost always about making our lives better whether it’s for the disabled and handicap; taking out the human factor in nuclear reactor management; or providing us with sexual toys. (That’s until Japan makes piloted mechs capable, fully realized …

  • Musical Instruments Fair Japan “Taken Over By K-ON!”:
    Curious: Who is the original artist for the top picture (very first one)? I like the artwork and would like to see a larger size if possible.


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