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Your right, it’s not hooker, it’s the cheap prostitute look.

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  • Cringe-Worthy Yooka-Laylee Rap Highly Nostalgic:
    Instead of outright removing him after the statement, it should have been a patch available in the option menu, whether you want “”controversial”” audio enabled in the game or not, and then apply the “fix” for the user instead of it just being a default thing. That way, the fragile people could be “”protected””, and regular people could continue on as normal.

  • Mawaru Penguindrum Pachislot Machine Emerges:
    idk, penguindrum seemed to have a fairly clear ending. I really hate how sanetoshi litterally just stated his goals though, ‘taking revenge on this world that never needed him’.. Anyways, the item refered to the penguindrum is just a metaphor for anything that can be used to save a life/change their fate; Momoka’s fate transfer diary was one, and the fruit of fate was the other. The overall idea of changing fate, was putting your life into making a difference; the fate diary could litterally …

  • Prism Nana Halloween MV “More Cute Than Spooky”:
    Hasn’t it been like 5 years since SHAFT announced this anime? lol.

  • China Glass Bridge Breaks But “Surprisingly Didn’t Explode!”:
    I am glad sankaku is getting closer to its roots; I missed the weekly china explosion news.

  • US Live Action Sword Art Online TV Series Announced:
    MICHAEL BAY EXPLOSIONS!!!11!!1one Kirito’s unique ability will be dual explosions, and star burst stream (or whatever it was called) will litterally be a giant laser of a star breaking down and colapsing targetted at his enemies.


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