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Your right, it’s not hooker, it’s the cheap prostitute look.

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  • Tamashii Insert Swapping More Than Just Bodies:
    What angers me is that he sees shes asleep with his cum dripping out of her, and thinks its great, completely ignoring the fact that if he tries to clean her, she could wake up, and regardless, she knows he was the only one home; he should be trying to rush to repossess her as quickly as possible to try to keep her out of the picture as long as possible, or at the very least make her down town, interacting with people when she wakes up so that any suspicions are directed at the people she was …

  • Cringe-Worthy Yooka-Laylee Rap Highly Nostalgic:
    Instead of outright removing him after the statement, it should have been a patch available in the option menu, whether you want “”controversial”” audio enabled in the game or not, and then apply the “fix” for the user instead of it just being a default thing. That way, the fragile people could be “”protected””, and regular people could continue on as normal.

  • Mawaru Penguindrum Pachislot Machine Emerges:
    idk, penguindrum seemed to have a fairly clear ending. I really hate how sanetoshi litterally just stated his goals though, ‘taking revenge on this world that never needed him’.. Anyways, the item refered to the penguindrum is just a metaphor for anything that can be used to save a life/change their fate; Momoka’s fate transfer diary was one, and the fruit of fate was the other. The overall idea of changing fate, was putting your life into making a difference; the fate diary could litterally …

  • Prism Nana Halloween MV “More Cute Than Spooky”:
    Hasn’t it been like 5 years since SHAFT announced this anime? lol.

  • China Glass Bridge Breaks But “Surprisingly Didn’t Explode!”:
    I am glad sankaku is getting closer to its roots; I missed the weekly china explosion news.


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