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Kirito overacts his rage. ALL THE TIME.

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  • Onechanbara Z2: “Quite Eccentric”:
    No, it’s a way to say the “new generation” depends too much on 2-3 years old PC indies for playing fun games while their exclusives are boring as hell.

  • Jinsei Slimy Bukkake Anime:
    he sure as hell don’t. for sancom trollers are all useless virgins.

  • Final Fantasy XV: “Is It Really Final Fantasy Anymore?”:
    “Is it really Final Fantasy any more?” well you could say that about any of the games really. there is no actual “Final Fantasy” Personally I see Final Fantasy as a Multiverse and each game could be a different and separate world (unless it is a sequel like X-2 or XIII-2) each world is Final Fantasy and not at the same time. Also isn’t Final Fantasy about stories not game mechanics. You could say Final Fantasy is a collection of Stories for each world. Sure there are similarities and that is …

  • Hatsune Miku “Tell Your World” Figure:
    wow that’s tight but… where is the damn TDA MODEL figure i been wanting.. i mean TDA MODEL is the most beautiful model of miku i have ever seen! =O !

  • Jinsei Slimy Bukkake Anime:


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