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The whole site and its gimmick is just “What’s your favorite xxxx” junk and generic ones like this in between “Favorite deformed character” random ones…

It’s no different then the forums here or the like so yeah, the results don’t matter much..

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  • Live-Action Blood-C Film PV “Where’s The Gore?”:
    The stupid movie that was supposed to be the point of the tv series was so generic and tame.. To the point that it was just “Introducing this new voice actor….fuck the movie, listen to her!!” with their advertisements even..

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Finale “Not As Bad As Last Time”:
    To love ru fans are nutjobs. Go check out sadpanda and read how fucking apeshit they get whenever one of the random girls in the series isn’t with Rito. Self insertion to the extreme..

  • Idol Kyousei Sousa Abusively Animated:
    Well, it’s Crimson and all that, but this IS their style. Like, it’s pretty much how their animated doujins/games turn out, just in a h-anime form this time. But it also fits the “different” style of the series its using as the source. Don’t know how to label it as anything but “accurate…to a fault”

  • New Jigoku Shoujo Anime Leaked:
    Depends if it focuses on story of the week stuff, or goes into Ai and her partners stuff again… Because when you get into stuff like “He was a sword, yeah, shut up, whatever, fuck you” with the servants or trying to explain Ai’s current situation both just leave the continued plot a mess.. Wasn’t the whole point seeing people get what’s coming to them after they do shit like drown puppies/rape girls?

  • Taimanin Asagi 3 “Now With Futanari!”:
    What? The original content has a lot more thought put into it.. But people like this little circle jerk are why they weren’t tortured and killed before their change….


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