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While the positions of certain anime series are highly controversial and disputable, as always, we aren’t talking about the best anime of this year, but the most entertaining one. I don’t know about you, but I think that Fate/zero is infinitely better than Sword Art Online in terms of most aspects; storytelling, dialogue and theming. But I can see why SAO is above F/z for one reason: atmosphere. Nothing gets my adrenaline pumping more than Kirito screaming like a madman while charging at the enemy and the main theme kicks in.

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    As usual, Shovel Girl is awesome.

  • Shinmai Testament BD Grabbing More Than Just Attention:
    People who watch and loves animes of this genre, lives by this quote, “God is dead, Devils rule!!!!”

  • Shinmai Testament BD Grabbing More Than Just Attention:
    man, both the guys and girls are pathetic. What the fuck kind of magic ritual allows digital recording?! You can’t take anything serious on this anime. IT’s not sexually suggested, no, it flat out sexual intended. The serious girls are so fucking pathetic that they would completely give up and allow themselves to get fucked over and over without complaining. Where the hell the self-respect went?! And the main guy see nothing wrong with what he’s doing and just jumps right in like a party …

  • When My City Stops Moving Time Freeze Eroge:
    tons of complaints about the material…very few comments about how shitty the game looks which is what I noticed right away, not the gyaru girl or loli being raped because I know that shit isn’t real.

  • When My City Stops Moving Time Freeze Eroge:
    which are?…..FICTIONAL! Stop trying to save the lives of fucking drawn/computer generated images and pixels, get off yer goddamn soap box and go to one of those various sex tourism areas and force your morals to help REAL PEOPLE!


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