Comment on Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation” by DarkWisdom:

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“Dude’s not far off the mark. Pretty much everything that makes up the modern world = Thank you white people.”

Yet we are told diversity is good and that we should happily accept our gradual extinction as a race. It’s a funny old world…..

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  • Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Laid Bare:
    Ex Machina was a shitty pretentious, cringeworthy film anyway, it wasn’t ‘deep’ or philosophical, at least they tried though I guess.

  • Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Laid Bare:
    Ron Perlman would be the best choice imo, he looks so much like Batou it’s eerie.

  • Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Laid Bare:
    All trailers have unfitting music these days, but I’m glad at least they used a decent song for a change, and not some modern pop cancer.

  • Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Laid Bare:
    “Bitch is supposed to be naked..” This is a film, not an anime, you really expect the director to have her running around completely naked throughout a lot of the film? You weebs are pathetic, this looks a damnsight better and more faithful to the anime than a lot of shit that has come out of hollywood lately, but you just want to hate it before you’ve even seen it. The Japanese are apparently mostly pleased about Scarlett playing the role too, she does look a lot like her, and the Major is …

  • Super Mario Run “Nintendo Want to Cash in too!”:
    Shigeru Miyamoto is a complete hack at this point, Nintendo desperately needs some new young blood. There are so many Nintendo franchises going to waste because of their lack of faith in them. It seems like whenever a game doesn’t sell too well they drop the franchise completely (Metroid, F Zero). Would also be nice to have some new IP’s too.


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