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My post and its parent didn’t mention PPP GDP, which is not the default when one mentions GDP. So you’re just starting a new discussion there (which needs to consider another layer, the modification of nominal GDP to PPP GDP), not replying to anything I said.

I’ll just say that PPP isn’t better for everything, as the world actually cares directly about currency exchange rates, too. It’s true that if you have a bunch of money you can move to Squalorland and have it last longer, but that won’t help you when you want first world goods and services (healthcare, electronics, less corrupt police, etc.).

So it really depends on how focused you are on basic needs vs. high quality goods and services that require importation or living in a good place. First worlders are the ones buying the latter more than anyone else.

As for Singapore specifically, its strict laws may be enough to make it “lose” to Japan overall, given their first world status otherwise. Hong Kong is under Chinese rule now so it’s a bad long term bet if you like freedom.

Like I said in another comment, Japan’s wealth distribution is much better than Singapore’s, so if you’re not upper class you’re likely to be paid more (in nominal currency, the only kind that really “exists”), not less, than if you were in Singapore at the same “level”.

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    So $49,270 is “massive” compared to $45,870 to you. Fine. But then I guess the distance to Taiwan ($19,888; Japan beats that by 130.6%, over 17 times what Singapore beats Japan by!) must be mind-boggling. And I guess the United State’s $48,386 when compared to the United Kingdom’s $38,591 (the U.S. beats the U.K. by 25.4%, over triple the proportion that Singpore beats Japan by!) is more than merely “massive”. As far as I know, the “pitiful” U.K. is still considered first world, even though it …

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    Taiwan and South Korea are well behind in per capita GDP, Hong Kong is a good chunk back (and shouldn’t be conflated with the PRC (commonly known as China) anyway), and Singapore is a little ahead. Therefore everything you said in your third sentence is wrong, with the thing closest to being right being “Singapore…would look at Japan as down-right poor.”, which is also wrong, as Singapore is only 7.4% ahead of Japan in per capita GDP.

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