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81% of Russia is ethnic russians, who hold majority blood in rus ethnicity rather than asiatic one, and although it was pushed to about 60% back in 13th century, most russian today has much more Rus genes than asiatic ones (80-90%) since Rus genes overwhelmed the asiatic one over time.

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  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    If it was not for Anime being popular in Japan. Well, if anime didn’t exist in Japan. It would be a lame nation like Korea all over. Just sayin’ my fellow weeaboos.

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    …white people as in who? You know that every generation builds upon the previous one, right? The ancient greeks weren’t white (As in Nordic White, that is what most people mean by the term) they were mediterranean. Ancient egyptians = under debate, but almost certainly not white. Medieval arabs were…err, arab. Not trying to dismiss “white people” at all, just sayin that arguing that any one race (again, which “white people” are you even talking about?) are responsible for “everything that …

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    Then he have to admitted that his axis Japan is falling behind the once colony. But he sounds more like uncle Ishihara in uncle Ishihara’s cabin to me. Sorry, lost lose my head a bit.

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    Hey Shintarou….how did your precious country do the only time it ever tried to fight a war against white people? Complete and utter humiliation that continues to this day…

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    I don’t see a problem with some senile 80 yr old guy talking crap all the time and making bad decisions, while being racist, homophobic and just plain stupid… I see a problem though with people who actually thinks someone like that can be elected to represent the public opinion. Japan could pride itself far more for being a developed country if only it didn’t listen to and elected the likes of Ishihara. Pretty disappointing how someone like him can stay relevant on politics for such a long …

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  • Artists Celebrate Splatoon’s 1st Anniversary:
    That’s one thing that turned me off from the Wii U. Within 3 months of its release, Nintendo announced that they would be shutting down the original Wii’s online features, and in another 3 months it was complete. Shutting down online services 6 months after the new console comes out is pretty lame, and while Nintendo probably figured it would encourage users to upgrade to the new console, I can’t help but think that it discouraged many more from doing so.

  • Bakuon!! Maddeningly Cute:
    I’m not really into cats but when that happens with my gf, I go out and catch a stray. They are usually happy to have a home for a short time.

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    You are sooo wrong on all accounts buddy as all the models have been based on the WOW models in the past and reused. I can go through them with you as well, as most of the assets have been re-used thus compatible with the SFM already Reinhardt = Tauren base model Zarya = Female Orc Model Widow = Female NE Model Tracer, D.Va = Female Blood Elf Model Pharrah, Zarya and Mercy = Female Human Model Winston = Muka Muka Model (General Wow monkey mob or Monkey King from MOP(which is probably more …

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    You can’t say XXX fanfic is ok and then go Porn not ok. That’s how come it’s so confusing.. Copyright pretty much says you can’t make money off another persons work.

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    Nah bro,otherwise they would be doing the purging on WOW, Starcraft and Diablo III. Blizzard is just creating a Streisand Effect to get more porn on the game.


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