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He only hates it cause he’s not getting paid for their works.

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  • Amagi Brilliant Park “KyoAni’s Funniest Yet”:
    While Isuzu showers, bathes or changes about as well as any girl in anime, I’m worried about the show. It feels kind of stilted to me. For example, they had to put in the opening scene of the third episode just to remind us how narcissistic the MC is but then they forget about it. And there’s a lot of plodding along with stuff, such as when Kanie and the lovely muses followed Isuzu on her rounds, or when they did the inspection or dealt with the flooding. And the whole bit about Isuzu being a …

  • Top 20 Autumn 2014 Anime, According to Sony:
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone is one.

  • Top 20 Autumn 2014 Anime, According to Sony:
    The way there are intended to be watched is with commercials, scrolling text, etc…. Quit being such a pompous git.

  • Trinity Seven Nude Beach Anime:
    at least he doesn’t get a beating only bitchslaps

  • Top 20 Autumn 2014 Anime, According to Sony:
    Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete ranks high on this list. Apparently, they rank shows without watching it. Anyone who had watched it would have seen how horrible the animation is. It’s like the “episode 4″ syndrome – but on ALL the episodes.


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