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These new body models are far superior to DOA5 originals, I mean, really, the original models had belly buttons placed 2 centimeters below the breasts, for crying out loud – compare Mila’s model to that reskin she’s fighting in pic 7…

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  • Caretaker Poisons Kindergarten Over Pay:
    it’s always china…

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    only shit killing anime are slice of live and idols. worse only by merging these cancer genres.

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    it’s got exposed tits and shit, of course people get their knickers in a bunch in today’s time where porn has been banned compared to the 90s. I saw a rerun where “those” scenes were heavily modified or completely replaced by idiotic stills of empty backgrounds. Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t show it in the 11am~1pm time slot instead?

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    And for 20 years people have been saying this stuff has been killing anime, yet its still alive. How is it gonna take to finally die, then?

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    More variety is killing anime? A genre that doesnt even make money and gets mostly ignored, except on sites like this, in favor of stuff like Attack on Titan and other less sexy/fun and more violent shows.


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