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If they do, expect the prude americunts to remove the totally nude armor destruction level and have it just be 2. They make too much of a deal over nudity, yet people being shown having their heads cut off is A-ok!

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    Square needs to remake one of their games that was actually good, and that was never finished on release: Xenogears, the 2nd disc was supposed to be 4-6 new dungeons tons of cutscenes, and such, but had to be cut due to time/budget restraints, thats why we got a wall of text. If any game needs a remake its Xenogears, ff7 was a complete game, and to this day I do not see why it gets all the praise it does, I find the average Tales Of game to be better than any final fantasy title. More fun …

  • To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd: “The Service Is Back (Censors Too)!”:
    I’ll watch once the BD’s come out, because watching a ecchi anime like this with censoring is kinda stupid. Also Rito needs to bang the shit out of Momo since she is bascally always begging him for it. He needs to grow a spine.

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    Better question: Why was dragon ball z more than 26 epsiodes when the exact same story arc just repeats over and over, never changing ever. Bad guy comes goku dies, goku spends half the season to ressurect, goku ressurects then spends most of the remainding grunting like hes taking a horse cock up the ass, all to end up in some long drawn out battle where he uses his new ability as a last resort, insted of just right away to get it over with. Take that, rinse and repeat every single DBZ story …

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    Well, He does have a point, most of these male mc’s in these kinds of anime(or rather almost ALL anime) tend to be beta cowards, look at Rito from to love ru as a prime example. Its kinda why I like Highschool DxD the main char actually does stuff, same for the one in Shinmai maou no testament. It especally annoys the hell out of me when everyone around him can tell these girls are in love with the male MC, but he is too dense or rather to blind to even notice. Its like… really? everyone …

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    I personally don’t view having sex with someone of the same gender gay, its just sex, if feelings always needed to be involved hookers would be out of a job. Would I get in a romantic relationship with a guy with feels etc? most defently not as I am not attracted to other guys emotionally. Would I be open to getting boned by a male/female w/strapon/shemale/futa? hmm maybe would need to be talked into it, but i’ll try most anything once. Tbh lesbian porn is pretty boring to watch, futa’s are …


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