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If they do, expect the prude americunts to remove the totally nude armor destruction level and have it just be 2. They make too much of a deal over nudity, yet people being shown having their heads cut off is A-ok!

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    Yeah but like most mobile games it’ll probally be completly pay2win in some form, they all are.

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    Yeah but at least he has a legit reason: its illegial with the current rules of the interspecices exchange program. If it was legal I am pretty sure him and Miia would have already been at it. You can tell in ep 1, he’d totally bang that if it was legal. Well its more the rule about not being able to hurt each other, taking their virginity I guess counts as that, since blood usually does flow. Actually Smith says it right out that it’d violate it. So its not that he doesn’t want to, its more he …

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    It would but not as well, the japanese are obssesed with huge tits, mostly because a large percent of the women they have fairly small chests.

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    Q4 2015 for the vita version, I wonder if they will censor the strip scenes since its pretty much full blown nudity.

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    My problem with the FF series is this: if you analyze FF4’s story, and then apply it to every other FF game, you will notice they bascally use the exact same plot twists always at the same points in the game, its to the point now I can look at a char in a new FF game and go “he’s gonna be the one to betray them at some point” and you know what? I’ve been right every single time. FF14 has to be the msot biliant example though, it is literally a copy and paste of ff4’s exact story just with a …


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