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If they do, expect the prude americunts to remove the totally nude armor destruction level and have it just be 2. They make too much of a deal over nudity, yet people being shown having their heads cut off is A-ok!

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  • Final Fantasy XV Overview Emerges:
    Its a final fantasy game, since when has the story been actually good in recent years? The problem I find is every ff game pretty much uses the exact same overall plot, with the same plot twists always around the same places. They also are always about your party vs some big bad enemy empire, something they been using to death since FF4. Because the party is a boy-band you also lack that slight romance that kinda buds between the main char and one of the female characters. All in all I hope …

  • Final Fantasy XV Overview Emerges:
    Honestly I agree, the FF series has gone to shit since it left the snes, They focus too much on making it pretty and not enough anywhere else. The fact they thought a boy-band for the main party in a mainstream ff game was a good way to show its going downhill faster than we imagined.

  • Final Fantasy XV Overview Emerges:
    So bascally, its the generic ff story of people vs the big empire. I still think the game is going to fail because of the main party. It needed a female char in the party, or 2 of them at least. I also like how they don’t show that combat is bascally holding circle to attack, or holding square to block, its not nearly as deep as they make it sound in this video. That said, i’ll probally pick it up later when it goes on sale, I got better jrpgs I can play instead for now.

  • Top 10 Sega Games, Revivals & Characters:
    Yeah I used to play too, sadly.. I don’t have access to the device I had that mobile game on, I used to use it to buy cash shop funds thru it, since it let you buy it from anywhere. Can’t exactly contact them for customer support either lol.

  • Four Goddesses Online Four Times As Cute:
    I get this feeling this is going to be a bit like ragnarok online ace. Where you can walk around a city, and you pick up a quest which then takes you to a field, it also had multiplayer, However it was more like monster hunter with lobbys and such, not an open world mmo. Still though, I’ll buy this if it comes to usa/canada, as I am a fan of the Neptunia series, and games by IF!/Compile Heart.


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