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If they do, expect the prude americunts to remove the totally nude armor destruction level and have it just be 2. They make too much of a deal over nudity, yet people being shown having their heads cut off is A-ok!

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    Well its based on a visual novel, so the heroine arcs are horriblly compressed. The Amane arc took about 10+ hours of reading in the VN, they compressed it to like 3 20 min eps. But yes it has some story and drama. The main char is bascally a black-op’s agent, and he wanted a normal life (or rather to experence it) so he gets enrolled in this school for bascally “trouble” girls, all of the girls have some issue that causes them to not really be able to go to a normal school or some other …

  • Joshikousei no Koshitsuki Superbly Sexy:
    Yay a hentai with girls that do not have cowtits! these are so rare lately.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    Just because they don’t like cow tits doesn’t mean they like loli/flatties. I like up to maybe high c/d’s anything bigger just doesn’t interest me.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    There is a hentai with that content that exists? O_o. wtf.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    I’d not watch this for a simple reason: Girls with tits the size of basketballs just do not interest me, I prefer more normal sizes. Maybe softball sized at best (thats pretty big lol)or a tiny bit bigger, but these girls, how the hell do their backs not give out?


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