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If they do, expect the prude americunts to remove the totally nude armor destruction level and have it just be 2. They make too much of a deal over nudity, yet people being shown having their heads cut off is A-ok!

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  • Gokukoku no Brynhildr Uncensored BD Boobs & Guro:
    I have to say this was a decent anime I rather enjoyed it, just wish it was longer.

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    Oh also what anime ep is shown in the first gif there, is he banging his twin sister or something?

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    I’ll be honest here, they can try to do this, but I highly doubt its going to get far, for each site they get down 2-4 will popup in its place, if anything they are just going to make the issue worse. Just like when they took down megaupload, like 20 new sites like it just poped up to fill the void, its like a grease fire, you don’t throw water on a grease fire because it’ll just make it spread. Honestly though, I don’t know why they are worried about a market they mostly ignore anyway.

  • Sword Art Online 2: “He’s Not a Girl After All…”:
    His character is just a feminine looking male avatar. This is quite common in japanese mmorpgs, also refered to as prettyboys/bishounen’s. He converted his character from his ALO one, and I guess GGO just didn’t have the exact same settings so what the game probally does was use settings close to what he had in ALO, and well this is what he ended up with. Its not like he edited his char to look that way, its just how it ended up. I mean he was pretty shocked at how his avatar looked himself.

  • Momo Kyun Sword Ripe with Peaches:
    Kinda getting tired of these anime with girls with cow udders for tits, they aren’t that attractive.


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