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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Sakura Trick BD Trickless Yuri Mayhem:
    I was kinda surprized they kissed in ep1, usually series like these are long drawn out things where they procrastinate about saying their feelings and such till like the very last ep. Why does it seem the girls in Yuri anime are way more alpha than the men in other animes? EG: Shakugan no Shana, it took 3 seasons before they finally admitted how they felt. Anyway I am enjoying this series and i’ve only seen ep 1 so far.

  • Black Bullet On A Flat Trajectory:
    Thay loli also wants to get in his pants. XD

  • Manga Publishers “Will Sue Sites Posting Spoilers”:
    They are 2 shit series anyway, anyone who likes them is a moron who needs to get laid, especally if they like these 2 series.

  • PS4 Sales “Over 6 Million” – Xbox One Sales “3.5 Million”:
    In alot of vn’s the sex scenes come at the end of a heroines route, kinda a “reward” for playing her route, at least thats how I look at it. I seen quite a few vn’s that had hentai scenes at the end of routes that would have been fine without them. Hoshizora no Memoria to name one. G-senjou no mao, Grisaia no Kaijitsu, all of these would have been fine without h-scenes tbh. They are there for a reward, and well because it sells games, most people love watching some hot/cute anime chick get laid …

  • PS4 Sales “Over 6 Million” – Xbox One Sales “3.5 Million”:
    I don’t get why people buy shit shooters like titanfall, call of duty etc, you do know its bascally the exact piece of crap your rebuying over and over right?


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