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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Unlimited Blade Works: “It Can’t End Like This!”:
    So UBW is only 13 eps? or 12?

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu English Visual Novel Kickstarted:
    I dunno I played the vn and had it full screened at 1920×1080 res and the images were fine. There is also the fact Amane’s route was butchered to be less severe.

  • Littlewitch Romanesque English Released:
    Meh, I am already annoyed because they are translating the grisaia series, but its the all ages ps vita version so all the ero content is removed. I wish they’d translate the orignal pc games, then just paste that translation into the vita games. I hate when they butcher shit. I mean hell Saya no Uta came out here, and thats filled with Loli sex all over. (Saya is depicted as a 12-13 yr old girl). None of the girls in grisaia are loli’s, well Makina is close, but shes the only one.

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu “Rather Horrifying”:
    They got caught because Amane kinda screamed before yuuji’s sister covered her mouth when Yuuji’s sister showed her why she told Amane not to eat the meat.

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu “Rather Horrifying”:
    Amane’s route was honestly the most shocking of the 5, the anime doesn’t really do it justice, in the VN it does a day by day recap of what happened, where the anime skipped like a week they were there in 1 ep. They started off alright, but then food started to run out. One girl had a little dog that died and they cooked it due to being desperate for protien (body can’t live w/o it for long) In the end most of the people died from eating the flesh of this one girl who died a few days earlier, …


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