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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Witch & The Hundred Knight 2 Boasts Feathered Belles:
    I’ll probally buy this if it comes stateside since I enjoyed the first one.

  • Western Tales of Berseria Censored “For ‘T’ Rating!”:
    Well since editing never works on this site, i’ll have to reply. I also wish game devs would grow a fucking spine and just ignore these SJW’s and femnists who aren’t going to buy the damn game regardless. Why do they keep catering to these minorities who don’t buy their products in the first place. They should just release it and ignore them entirely, they aren’t going to hurt their sales anyway.

  • Western Tales of Berseria Censored “For ‘T’ Rating!”:
    As much as I hate censorship, This one isin’t too bad, though if you ask me the light beams look a hell of alot more violent. Still I wish game publishers/devs would relize that M rated games do not sell less at all. Maybe in the 1990’s but today? nope. Then again, if its digital, it checks the birthday on the account so maybe thats what they mean by loses sales. More and more people buy games digitally these days, so maybe thats what they are worried about. At least its not as bad as Mugen …

  • Final Fantasy XV Overview Emerges:
    Its a final fantasy game, since when has the story been actually good in recent years? The problem I find is every ff game pretty much uses the exact same overall plot, with the same plot twists always around the same places. They also are always about your party vs some big bad enemy empire, something they been using to death since FF4. Because the party is a boy-band you also lack that slight romance that kinda buds between the main char and one of the female characters. All in all I hope …

  • Final Fantasy XV Overview Emerges:
    Honestly I agree, the FF series has gone to shit since it left the snes, They focus too much on making it pretty and not enough anywhere else. The fact they thought a boy-band for the main party in a mainstream ff game was a good way to show its going downhill faster than we imagined.


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