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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Sword Art Online 2: “He’s Not a Girl After All…”:
    His character is just a feminine looking male avatar. This is quite common in japanese mmorpgs, also refered to as prettyboys/bishounen’s. He converted his character from his ALO one, and I guess GGO just didn’t have the exact same settings so what the game probally does was use settings close to what he had in ALO, and well this is what he ended up with. Its not like he edited his char to look that way, its just how it ended up. I mean he was pretty shocked at how his avatar looked himself.

  • Momo Kyun Sword Ripe with Peaches:
    Kinda getting tired of these anime with girls with cow udders for tits, they aren’t that attractive.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Quite Macabre:
    I like Rize too, but Toka is more my style. That and Toka is still around after ep 1 :P, so she wins out overall.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Quite Macabre:
    I am going to enjoy this series, though I am not a fan of eating people, but the aspect of someone bascally being a half zombie/half human hybrid, and having to deal with it, I also like my blood and gore too so this fits the bill to a T. Can’t wait for ep 2. I enjoyed this more than SAO S2 Ep 1.

  • Neptunia Unleashes Disturbingly Sexualized Fury on Vita:
    I don’t get how these guys stay in business, cuz the neptunia games I have played on ps3 all rather.. well suck, the characters are annoying (cute, but annoying), the graphics look like some early gen ps2 game at best (this is basing it on hyperdimension neptunia Mk2). The plot sucks. The gameplay itself is pretty damn boring. I don’t get what draws people to these games, other than maybe the cute girls? I also have neptunia victory, not sure what order I should play them in.


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