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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Grisaia no Kajitsu Extreme Onanism Anime:
    Same, The game was execellent, especally Makina and Amane’s routes. So far the anime is pretty true to the VN too, everything thats happened in the anime was actually in the vn so far, its being pretty faithful. To those who don’t know/can’t tell, every one of those girls are in that school because they are messed up in some way due to past events. I’d suggest playing the visual novel if you enjoy the anime, because its even better. I’ve gone thru alot of visual novels and I have to say Grisaia …

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    This will prob come out for ps3 eventually. Since the wii-u is near death in most places.

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    They need to make a full blown yuri/futa hentai of this already.

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    ts simmlar to sword art online, except death isin’t permament, its more the political side of being trapped in a game and trying to get people to get along. like for example in the first season, food tasted terrible until they figured out to make the food taste decent in the game they have to cook it like they would irl, insted of using the games automated crafting recipies. Though they still need to have the required cooking level for that recipie or else it’ll still come out like shit. There …

  • New Persona Game Not Quite What Everyone Had In Mind…:
    *points at the cheaply produced indie games that are better than most of the AAA titles gameplay wise* yeah, cheap doesn’t always mean bad :). I don’t remember the last time I played a AAA dev game I enjoyed, most of them are the same crap in a slightly diffrent wrapper. Where as indie devs tend to do newer things.


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