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Personally I don’t find how girls with huge tits like this are attractive, it kinda detracts from their form if their chest is too big.

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  • Idea Factory to US: “We’re Not Censoring Our Games!”:
    I don’t understand why the fuck they don’t just completly ignore those people in the first place, they aren’t going to buy the game anyway so they have no damned say in its content imo. They get some flak for it? so what, your fans will still be buying your games regardless of what some shitface femnist says.

  • Final Fantasy XV Chocobos Awfully Cute:
    It looks like a steaming turd full of yaoi and faggishness, I won’t be touching it, they all look like a bunch of emo pansys.

  • Baka na Imouto Sickeningly Sweet:
    Girl needs a tit reduction imo, they look way to akward on her frame.

  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    TBH There is nothing in the game that even needs to be censored, I mean senran kagura has simmlar moaning noises in it and it gets past censors just fine, This is just NISA catering to the minoritys who won’t even buy the game anyway to avoid bad press. IMO these game studio’s need to grow a pair of balls and stand up to these idiots saying “if you don’t like the content don’t buy it” Them censoring the game actually hurts sales pretty badly I’ve seen games with worse scenes than criminal girls …

  • Macross Delta Melds Mecha & Music:
    I just hope it forcuses more on the mecha battles and less on the big titted bimbo’s jiggling their tits on stage (Looks at gifs, kinda proves my point)


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