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I just LOLED at Pic 14.. GunMachinePenis Gothic lolita?! XD

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  • Cop Busted for Blackmail to Pay Off Bahamut Debt:
    Well..He’ll have 18 months to play social games in Jail… And about Social games, those really are a cancer for society and proper game industry!

  • Final Fantasy XIV “Marred By Total WTF UI”:
    Well i don’t see anything worth complaning.. Looks pretty normal for any MMORPG… PS3’s users should learn to deal with it… and the game looks really beutiful.. all those scenaries… are really worth exploring.. I hope the game is made F2P soon so i can play it..

  • Xbox One “Clearly Inferior” To PS4, Sony Stock Surges:
    They have said that Game would playable on Streaming.. they haven’t said you gonna pay for it again (but still this is the most probable)… it just could be that You put your PS3 game on the PS4 and it recognizes it and then It began to stream it via GAIKAI… But as You say, PS4 is not enterely compatible with PS3 games, but there’s a possibility… M4’s Xbox is just NOT! That’s the difference…

  • “Can You Recognise Aya Hirano Now?”:
    Casted as King Arthur? So She is SABEr?! O.O NICE!

  • Top 15 Anime Representative of the 90s:
    No Slam Dunk? No Rurouni kenshin? a Top50 would be more fair.. 90’s was one of the best ages for the japanese animation.. if not the best overall..


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