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To me frankly she doesn’t look very much nyaruko-like, but it’s specific, not general.

You’re either BLIND, STUPID or TROLLING.

She looks like her, idiot.

She’s VERY cute and has the poses down perfectly.

And 19/ 20 isn’t too old top cosplay.

Most J-cosplayers are probably MUCH older anyway.

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  • Nyaruko Cosplay by Mai:
    First off, the tone of his comment obviously leads that he is not from the US. Second, last time I checked in pretty much every language except English the US is referred to as America. I.e. Japanese=Ameriga-Jin. German=Amerkaner etc. Typical dumb bastard he thinks he knows everything.

  • Nyaruko Cosplay by Mai:
    Fail… 30-year-olds cosplaying loli will always be FAIL. Also, she is not attractive… at all!

  • Nyaruko Cosplay by Mai:
    Last time I checked, Myaruko-san WASN’T Japanese.

  • Nyaruko Cosplay by Mai:
    LOLs. You Anons crack me up… Oh, wait….

  • Nyaruko Cosplay by Mai:
    Not sure if you’re stupid. or just a troll… or perhaps both.

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