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While it is true that people should be left to their own personal tastes so long as they don’t interfere with others, I do think Anon 11:56 makes a point: some things tend to be overhyped because the people who like them never bothered to expand their horizons and experience stuff of arguably higher quality (or worse, some of them automatically assume that what they like is the best there is and outright refuse to give anything else a fair shot).

Of course, people can like what they like, but if a MAJORITY of people enjoy crap, and they can’t at least try to look beyond their current interests, then the industry is only going to pander to their shitty tastes. This is why Squenix milked Final Fantasy VII to death with that damnedable compilation, and thanks to the likes of Call of Duty and Halo, there’s almost no place for you in western mainstream gaming if you’re not a Michael Bay-level war fetishist. In Kugimiya’s case, her fanboys are the reason why J.C. Staff couldn’t adapt some of the light novels featuring her worth crap.

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    @ Anon 11:45 I was just stating an example. Although, I did choose Mizore as my example because I find her to be the most far removed from Rie’s standard tsundere voice (at least out of the roles that I’ve heard so far), whereas with characters like Alphonse and Ikuto, it’s still somewhat easy to tell that it’s her. At any rate, they all demonstrate that the so-called “tsundere queen” can actually do something besides tsundere. In fact, much like any professional seiyuu, she’s actually landed a …

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    I agree with Anon 11:00. I consider myself firmly against Kugimiya type-casting, but even I’d be willing to say that when she isn’t being type-casted, she’s actually quite good. Seriously, go watch her role in Rosario+Vampire, it’s hard to even tell that it’s her. I’d be willing to say that her standard voice is quite cute as well, but unfortunately, I can’t listen to it anymore without shitty characters like Louise and Aria coming to my mind. -_- Would be nice if I could displace such …

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    @Anon 17:38 @Chortos-2 Huh… I thought Digital Monster Ver. 1 (the first V-pet) came out a lot earlier, but it seems I was wrong. Point still stands, though. Pokemon and Digimon are too different and it’s utterly moronic to try and claim one’s ripping off the other just because they both have “mon” in the title (because using a shortened form of “monster” is apparently such a unique thing that nobody besides GameFreak could possibly think of, amiright?).

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    Same. I can’t say I was overly fond of the original Adventure designs (I was particularly put off by the overly huge hands). I think the old anime’s art style steadily improved by at least around the time Tamers began, but nonetheless, I kinda enjoy the new designs. Yeah, it might seem a bit generic, but as with the more recent video games, there seems to be a bit of “maturity” to it, I guess you could say (which would make sense; the target demographic now seems to be banking on nostalgia more …

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    Well, I don’t think it could be Tamagotchi, since that’s from the same company. And I don’t think it’s Pokemon, since that’s been debunked so many times already that, by this point, you’d look like a total dumbass saying it (one major reasoning for which being that the Digimon franchise itself actually existed well before Pocket Monsters Red and Green ever hit store shelves). Assuming Anon 6:37 isn’t a dumbass, I wonder what “ripoff” said Anon might be referring to.

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    Oh, Asakura. You shouldn’t feel too bad about Mikuru’s tits. After all, I’d vouch that you have the second biggest pair in the series only after her’s (well, I guess it varies from art to art, but a lot of the time, it looks like she might just barely edge out Haruhi).

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    How can the coupling from the OreImo ending not make this list?


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