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I’m surprised that no one has mentioned her. Such a shame but good that I’m not the only one who was looking for her on this list.

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  • ME! ME! ME! Chronic: “ME! ME! ME! Returns!”:
    Umm….ya realise that the video in this post is has been speeded up right? At any rate, I don’t think it was supposed to change anything in regards to the original. It’s just a remix to the popular original. Although I didn’t like some parts of this remix at first, after listening to it for a couple of times (a lot on my iPhone at work)….it kinda seems fine and I’m okay with it. Everyone has their opinion I suppose.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Server Shutdown Spectacular:
    A video of what it the music and such sounds like outside during the “End of Times” event in FFXIV:

  • Final Fantasy XIV Reborn: “Best Looking MMORPG Yet”:
    I don’t understand why you all keep saying show some gameplay videos and such when they have already done so from the Gamescon: and the special SE Talk event they held: Although you still can’t gather nothing from just the videos alone, all you can do is keep a lookout for any new news to come. I wont say nothing bad nor good about it until I try it myself unlike those whom just bash the game due to its past …

  • Final Fantasy XIV Reborn: “Best Looking MMORPG Yet”:
    No, you wont lose your character. All character data is being transferred over to 2.0 from what was told on the forums & Letter from the Producer.

  • New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer: “It Actually Looks Good”:
    If your character still exists on their servers then yes, your character will transfer over to FFXIV 2.0.


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