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I’m surprised that no one has mentioned her. Such a shame but good that I’m not the only one who was looking for her on this list.

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  • Pretty x Cation Really Romantic:
    The series before this one was called “Lovely x Cation” which is where they came from. It was 2 episodes.

  • Dengeki Bunko Ignition DLC Adds Ako & Lucian:
    That’s too bad because it’s you’re actually paying for Ako who comes with the Lucian no matter what. He’s a rather useful support character to begin with anyway.

  • Urban Legend in Limbo Coming to PS4:
    Yep, Touhou 14.5 “Urban Legend in Limbo”….man I miss playing this. At any rate, this is part of the offical Touhou line up of games and it’s currently only being released on PS4 in Japan. This may change if NIS America decides to get this as well. Touou Genso no Rondo is already in English on the HK PSN market for those who can’t wait on the US version.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch PV Absolutely Massive:
    Actually, if you buy Heavensward from Gamestop, you get the base game for free.

  • Funimation GamerGate Quip “Inexcusable!”:
    Seems Funimation response on this matter is rather half-assed as their company and their works: “In creating English dubs over the past 20+ years, FUNimation has always modified each Japanese script to appeal to Western audiences. This ensures that North American audiences can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience regardless of their familiarity with Japanese culture. Neither the dialogue in our shows nor the personal statements of our actors or writers reflects the views or opinions of …


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