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For once, I want japan to make an anime about Zainichi koreans and korean forced laborers during ww2, and their plights about losing their homeland for real and forced to be part of japanese imperialism.

As in, the currently airing Bokoku no Akito Code Geass OVA should instead make ‘akito’ actually zainichi korean, ‘elevens’ actually ‘chosenjin’, Leila in to black haired yamato nadeshiko that knows taekwondo and is destined to fall into love with the actually oppressed lone boy solider known as ‘akito’ while fighting to save korea from brutal japanese occupation, all the while remembering how her family escaped from japan because they disagreed with shift into militarism and discrimination against their asian neighbors.

Instead, we have Code Geass fantasy land where japs can masturbate to their laughable idea of victimhood and try desperately to convince themselves that they are always the innocent, poor children being bullied by the evil world power that is not-so-subtly the west and USA.

Bitch please.

Of course, something as truthful and honest as that is never something japanese will have the guts to do.

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