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Actually 9/11 happened because Osama Bin Laden came from a wealthy family which ran huge businesses and was familiar with international financial mechanisms.

He applied modern management techniques, organization, structure, training, financing, and long range planning (plus computers) to Islamic terrorism. Instead of a bunch of bearded assholes running around shooting rifles in the air and screaming “Admiral Akbar” he created a sophisticated organization capable of projecting force effectively.

Osama Bin Laden, equal parts management genius and bearded fundamentalist religious asshat.

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    >not wanting to be beat be a dominatrix sex goddess what are you, some kind of h0m0?

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    My dong is expanding too fast.

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    Urges isn’t really the right word. Pedophiles are arroused by little kids but that doesn’t mean they have urges to do something about it.

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    Pedophiles aren’t automatically evil. People who rape little kids aren’t the same as virgins who privately wonder what certain little kids look like naked. Comparing pedophiles to rapists makes even less sense than comparing COD players to murderers. I look at loli so much it’s unhealthy (hence the fact that I’m on the internet at 8:20 A.M after staying up all night) but I’d never even consider molesting anyone. I’m almost a pascifist. I’ve never been in a fight & I often get depressed …

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    Mari is the prude. Meiko (the vice president) just has a really high metabolism.


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