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You mean freedom of expression? I’m sorry I don’t agree with you.

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  • Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel”:
    Haters gonna hate, but this takes things a bit too far… Seriously, I mean. If you don’t like something, ignore it. Trash it. Burn your own copies of the manga, and live happily after on. But stop pissing innocent people off. What did those 900 doujinshi circles, or entire Comiket staff/circles/attendants do wrong? I sadly agree Comiket staff couldn’t help but cope and ban, since they would take responsibility for thousands of lives should an accident really take place. Especially with such …

  • Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel”:
    If so, then the hater should just confront Kuroko’s author. And try to beat his ass, if he has the guts to. 9 out of 10, he would end up crying in a corner /justice

  • Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel”:
    Catch 22.

  • Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel”:
    What do you mean with “weapon”? Something which you can assault 1-2 people with, or a mass-murder weapon? I don’t really think a single crazed fan can assemble and take along enough sarin gas to intoxicate people in a 30.000 square meters hall. Hell yes, he/she could create enough panic, which would be much much more dangerous considering people density inside. But still… And don’t compare such ideas with 911. Do you really expect he/she to hijack a plane and fly over TBS? Oh, please!

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  • Top 10 Anime Guys Who’d Make the Best Fathers:
    The absence of Godai Yūsaku from this list is disappointing at best.

  • New Atari Console “Ataribox” in the Works:
    Finally found you, my long lost bro…

  • Lovingly Tan Cirno Figure:
    That’s how her portrait appears in the new game, Touhou 16: Hidden Star in Four Seasons, where she’s even a playable character!

  • Love Live! Doujinshi “Now Banned”:
    Usually doujinshi goods use original art, not official one, exactly because copyright. I really hope all of this is because someone thought it was a good idea to steal official art and slap it onto goods to sell, instead of drawing their own.

  • Nagoya Threatened: “Ban Women-Only Trains”:
    Not to defend threats, but AFAIK not all women use dedicated cars, so the end result on a train is mixed cars overflowing with people and women-only cars half empty. If so I could understand why this guy might be upset, as it is a real hassle and a waste of resources. The chikan plague must be confronted with a different approach. Or make all cars gender separated and admit defeat.


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