Comment on Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel” by Anonymous:

Nothing, and I’ll say again, nothing could stimulate further action from the terrorist more than this.
Not only the supposed terrorist completely defeated the police in a public display of shame, but also made a huge event and other smaller ones subject to his/her will, at the cost of the will, money, dedication and effort of others.
If anything was ever done to pursuit the terrorist, it became totaly useless with this – it means the police has no clue and don’t even think they can catch the culprit in any given time.
Worst of all: If this is the sort of action Comiket, following police “counceling”, is willing to take in cases like this – there will be more terrorists, more terrorism, and more problems on the next events.
It’s simple like this. If threats proves to be this effective, there will be tons of people who will be willing to do similar stuff to change Comiket plans on their will.

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